Learning a New Language

Learning a new language is quite a daunting and challenging task. It helps in better understanding a foreign culture. Learning a new language that is written or spoken like your language, for example when you understand and speak Urdu and learn Hindi (spoken language is the same) or Arabic (written script is the same) may seem an easy task, but learning a completely different language may be an uphill battle: learning new characters, learning to speak all over again and so on.

I have started learning Chinese from a website  called LearnChineseEZ.com. Yes, Mandarin is an alien language for me, but this website uses a unique way of teaching. Its unique approach is really helpful in grasping this new language, and I’d hope you all check it out.

I have gone through all the free lessons that were available, but cannot pay for the further lessons because PayPal, the website’s payment processor blocks payments from Pakistan, so I hope the site admin would be kind enough to grant access under their free access option helping them spread the word about their free Chinese lessons.

Do visit their site: LearnChineseEZ.com


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  1. I stay in china for 2 years, but communication is still a big problem. My Chinese friends tell me to attend some online mandarin course,For example: Hanbrige Mandarin school, Chinesehour, speakmandarin etc…Because I need systematicness Chinese mandarin study. So anyone have good recommendation?

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