Learning a New Language

Learning a new language is quite a daunting and challenging task. It helps in better understanding a foreign culture. Learning a new language that is written or spoken like your language, for example when you understand and speak Urdu and learn Hindi (spoken language is the same) or Arabic (written script is the same) may seem an easy task, but learning a completely different language may be an uphill battle: learning new characters, learning to speak all over again and so on.

I have started learning Chinese from a website  called Yes, Mandarin is an alien language for me, but this website uses a unique way of teaching. Its unique approach is really helpful in grasping this new language, and I’d hope you all check it out.

I have gone through all the free lessons that were available, but cannot pay for the further lessons because PayPal, the website’s payment processor blocks payments from Pakistan, so I hope the site admin would be kind enough to grant access under their free access option helping them spread the word about their free Chinese lessons.

Do visit their site:


St. Michael’s Model United Nations 2014

So yeah, the three day adventure is now over! SM-MUN III came to a fabulous end on Sunday evening.

Most of you know about my special attachment to SM-MUN: I started it two years ago and was its founding President, and was Honored by the school by being appointed the President again this year when SM-MUN went external. The Senate of Pakistan happened for the very first time in an MUN, ever, at SM-MUN this year.

Why did I choose the Senate as a specialized committee for SM-MUN? I wanted all the participants to learn about how laws are made in Pakistan. I wanted to spread political awareness, I wished to educate them all on how this country runs.

Honestly, I had a great time at SM-MUN. I couldn’t have a better person to chair besides me than Waleed, and I mean it. Our ACDs Danish and Arooba, were both really wonderful, and we got some really great help from Jazib and Sarosh. A very special thanks to Sarosh for designing the Party flags for us. I’d also like to acknowledge the volunteers and photographers who were part of our committee, and made our experience just the way it was. I’m really sorry if I couldn’t acknowledge you by mentioning your name directly, the reason being I do not wish to list the names of everyone for the fear of missing out someone.

The entire Senate of Pakistan deserves a shout out for being the best committee in SM-MUN!

Heartiest congratulations to those who won an award:

Umer Kazi, Marvi Ali, Rida Sheikh and Ayla Saeed for winning the Best Delegate award;
Laiba, Anas, Elia, Zain-ul-Abideen and Taha Waqar for securing the Honorary Mentions;
Durran, Usama Hameed and Faiza for the receiving the Special Mentions; and
Hina for the Best Position Paper award.

Now a little on how the awards were decided. Waleed and I took the long and hard decision along with Danish, Arooba and Jazib, and in the presence of Sarosh and two volunteers who had spent the most time in our committee.

I had to fight long and hard with Haris to increase the Best Delegate awards from 2 to 3 and then 4.  We took into consideration the performance of the participants during all the three days, with equal importance given to their performance in the Moderated and Un-moderated Caucuses, the Speakers List and the Diplomacy shown outside the Committee Sessions with Special importance given to their performance in the Crisis. We took our decision in a very transparent and democratic manner, taking into account inputs from everyone member of the dias to eliminate any form of bias or unfairness.

In the end, I’d just say that SM-MUN III was a remarkable experience and would always be treasured piece of memory.

Ahmer Jamil Khan
Chairman of the Senate
President SM-MUN III


Writing after a long time…

It has been quite a long time that I have written here.

Well, that’s probably because I had been a hell lot busy in my O levels exams and then in the renovation of my house, the painting the furniture and finally in A levels admissions and tuitions.

I have many things to share 🙂

I appeared for my O levels examination, and the results were pleasing: A total of 7 A*’s and 3 A’s; one of the best result in my school. The time when the results were announced, a storm was brewing inside me, but I appeared calm. The Deputy Principal, while announcing my result, said that there shall be a special scholarship for the high achievers.

My House underwent renovation

Well that means new paint, remaking of old furniture, a new cabinet in the drawing room, new cabinets and a lot of money spent

I got a new laptop

The HP ProBook 4530s, my new laptop computer; on my “Ahmer’s Network” as AHMERJAMILKHAN. Its metallic body, and its captivative looks keep me attached to it. I got a bag pack for it and days later a little mouse. It recognizes my face and my finger prints.  Just love it 🙂

A levels

Well, I’m doing my A levels from St. Michael’s Convent School, on 100% scholarship 🙂 Me, Mom and Dad are way too happy 🙂