About Me

I am Ahmer!

My thoughts, the decisions I take, the words I speak, the company of friends I keep, all define me; in fact they make me what I am today.

I am inspired by everything around me.

My world is a note book; each day is a new chapter on a new page, written in ink of life; it has its own beginning, its own climax and its own ending; each chapter has its unique adventures, and no two chapters are the same.

The past is a frame in the Space-Time continuum, the present is being enacted and the future is yet to be scripted.

I have faith in myself, I believe in me, yet I underestimate my own capabilities. Everyday is an adventure, in which I explore my own abilities, my capabilities; feel the urge and desire to do more than what I have accomplished.

I never regret what I did or said, for if I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t be me! I do learn from mistakes and experiences, but regret and remorse are unknown to me.

I express myself more by writing, than by speaking; I am a good speaker though.

My achievements are steps of the ladder of success I climb each day; no achievement is great or small compared to others. The ladder of success is as long as life itself!

I live each moment as if it were my last, well most of the time.

Logic and reasoning are my tools of choice and my weapon too. I seek a logical and rational explanation to any and everything.

I’d always stand up for my rights and the rights of others around me.

I do my part in making this world a better place.

I’m just not done yet me; my life is still work in progress,

Just like my life, this post is also work in progress.

I quote about myself:

I was built to be the best
Number one and nothing less
Leave me to my destiny
I have waited patiently
I have vision’ oh I believe
I know I can count on me
Here we go it’s getting close
Now it’s just who wants it most
It’s just like that’s how it is
Cause we have our strengths and weaknesses
Oh I have vision’ oh can’t you see
I’m on the move make way for me
And when I fall down
I have to pick myself back up
So stand up! For the Champions

-Taken from the song
Stand up (for the Champions)
by Right Said Fred

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  1. Asalamallikum Ahmer Saab!!!!

    One of the best introduction, I have ever read!!!!!

    I was just Exploring the blogs and came cross your’ s. really appreciate your stuff.

    Warm regards.

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