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Positive Thinking

Following is the text of my speech on Friday, 10th August 2012 before the Assembly of students at St. Michael’s Convent School. The speech was titled ‘Positive Thinking’, was a part of my personal effort to reduce, if not eradicate negativity and negative thinking from my fellow students’ minds.

Respected Deputy Principal, teachers and my fellow students. I am Ahmer Jamil Khan.

I’m here to share a few things with you all…

I think I just heard someone back there say, “abay yaar phir ek lambi speech” (Another long speech). Well, is this the attitude we have to start our day with? Negative thoughts, negative speech, negative actions and all this leads to a negative approach to life.

But why shouldn’t we be so negative? There are problems everywhere, in everyone’s life, getting scolded by our parents, being nagged by our teachers, and there are those nose poking neighbors, friends who are no better than pests, and then she said this to me, he said that to me, life is so unfair for those with a negative attitude…

Some of us have a really very negative approach to life and all the things that come our way, and when someone says something negative, others around them get carried away. People with a negative attitude have reasons to justify their attitude.

But friends, I have learnt, negative attitude to anything can never be justified. If I call anyone up here to tell us what’s wrong with the school, I’m sure many people can come up with some reasons to dislike our school. But did anyone ever realize how fortunate we are to be in this institution, or how fortunate we are to be able to receive good education here, can someone count the blessings they have?

Why do we have to complain about the one thing that we do not have, when there are 9 other things that we do have.

If someone can come up with 10 reasons to dislike our country, there are 90 reasons to love it!

I just checked this morning, 925 million people in the world are undernourished and 6 million children die of starvation each year! We have had a good meal this morning!

Our negative thinking takes up most of our attention, and we do not realize all the good things in life that we are missing out on.

A really good approach I found to tackle this problem, I write a diary every day. I only mention the good things that happened to me each day, and I also mention all the good things I did in the day. By doing this I realized how beautiful life is, how fair things are, and how easily I neglected the blessings I have.

Sometimes life hits us with a brick in the face. When it does, never lose hope, and never curse, but try to appreciate this as an opportunity to learn from the mistakes, try to appreciate the experience gained from that.

We should learn to appreciate our blessings before they are taken away? We should enjoy the things we have in life, instead of regretting over what we do not have, and to do this we need to change our attitude.

As Abraham Lincoln said, “People are only as happy as they want to be.” Really, happiness is a choice, and it’s up to us to choose to be positive or negative.

Life is too short to be unhappy. Let’s change our way of thinking, our attitude and let’s choose to be happy and see the magic.

Thank you all for your time.

Ahmer Jamil Khan


A Friend Unseen

It is strange to have a friend
that you have never hugged
lightly touched their arm
or looked into their eyes…

But you have
touched their soul
felt their heart
been embraced by
the warmth of their being…

A friend unseen
is not a friend untouched…
The eyes of the soul will gaze
the heart will embrace
the image will stand tall
but only in a dream…

-Patricia Walter

Dedicated to all my friends on the internet, whom I never met, yet they made me laugh! You guys are awesome! 🙂

Friends are connected heart to heart distance and time can't break them apart
Friends are connected heart to heart
distance and time can’t break them apart

Writing after a long time…

It has been quite a long time that I have written here.

Well, that’s probably because I had been a hell lot busy in my O levels exams and then in the renovation of my house, the painting the furniture and finally in A levels admissions and tuitions.

I have many things to share 🙂

I appeared for my O levels examination, and the results were pleasing: A total of 7 A*’s and 3 A’s; one of the best result in my school. The time when the results were announced, a storm was brewing inside me, but I appeared calm. The Deputy Principal, while announcing my result, said that there shall be a special scholarship for the high achievers.

My House underwent renovation

Well that means new paint, remaking of old furniture, a new cabinet in the drawing room, new cabinets and a lot of money spent

I got a new laptop

The HP ProBook 4530s, my new laptop computer; on my “Ahmer’s Network” as AHMERJAMILKHAN. Its metallic body, and its captivative looks keep me attached to it. I got a bag pack for it and days later a little mouse. It recognizes my face and my finger prints.  Just love it 🙂

A levels

Well, I’m doing my A levels from St. Michael’s Convent School, on 100% scholarship 🙂 Me, Mom and Dad are way too happy 🙂

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Well, there is always a tomorrow!

Surely there would me more time tomorrow…

That, my friends, is the greatest illusion of today!

Time is the only fair thing: everyone gets 24 hours each day, and its up to the people how they spend it! If something is left out, well you’ll get 24 hours again, tomorrow! 🙂

What I learnt from life is that one never wastes time, time actually wastes one!

Time is Money, cash it!!!

Blog Social Issues

Persistent Vegetative State

Should a patient in Persistent Vegetative State (PVS) be disconnected from his/her life support system? Is it fair that a person, who might have survived be sentenced to death? Is it fair that money be spent to keep the body of a person alive, who is otherwise no more alive than dead, rather than the same money being spent on feeding the starving people? That’s a really debatable issue… What is your opinion?
Read more about PVS in the attached link…

Persistent Vegetative State



Hey, are you bored?

Boredom is , in my opinion, the worse thing to ever happen to humankind, because, when you are bored, you do not have anything to do, and you are a burden on the Earth! When we have exams, or have a target or a deadline, you feel occupied, or perhaps even tensed. That’s good for you because, you will not feel useless and helpless! You see, we get this life only once, so live it to its fullest!!!

Life for today, who has seen tomorrow, but work hard, with sincere dedication for tomorrow, for the future holds great surprises!!! 😀

If you have nothing to do, start bothering someone else!!! If you have “nothing else to do,” feel free to bother me! 😀

Thanks for reading my blog!


Social Networking

Windows Live, Buzz, Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Orkut, and what not… Why do they ALL need our personal info and stuff and Take up our time…

I mean, why can’t we just put up our info at just one place, like a Centralized Intake System and then LINK all our ID’s and stuff to it… Upload pictures, videos, statuses and stuff at just one place, and share it everywhere!!!???!!!

That would be soooo amazing!!!