Award Ceremony 2012 Speech

Ahmer Jamil Khan

The following is the text of the speech I delivered at the Award Ceremony 2012, at St. Michael’s Convent School.
The main theme of the speech was why I had decided to do my A Levels from St. Michael’s Convent School.

Respected Principal and Deputy Principal, Honorable Parents and Teachers and my fellow students.

Welcome to the Annual Award Ceremony 2011-2012.

Today, it is my honor and privilege to stand up here, and address the bright and outstanding students of our prestigious institution, and their proud and esteemed parents.

The Annual Award Ceremony, is one of the school events that I have attended almost every calendar year, sitting here in the crowd as one of these high achievers.

I joined this institution, back in 1998, in the Lower Nursery. I still remember the first day at school, when I was left at my class, where the teacher welcomed me in. That day was the first step of my journey, 15th and last year of which began this 1st of August. This journey has been a long, yet interesting one.

I achieved a lot during this journey, the credit of which goes to my parents, teachers and my institution, who have molded and shaped my character, and made me what I am today.

This journey has been a wonderful one, I made really good friends, learned a lot of new things, and had fun doing so. I really looked forward to the school opening after vacations. It became a second home for me, and all my friends.

Out of my wonderful time in school, there have been moments where I felt like being nagged by my teachers, or felt the school rules were too harsh and too strict upon me. Not being allowed in class for coming in an improper uniform, or for forgetting books, these rules may indeed seem harsh to a young student.

But looking back at those moments, I realize that it was the concern of my teachers and the institution; they could have easily chosen to ignore our mistakes and mischief, but they did not. This decision of theirs has had made a lasting impact on me and all my fellow students. This changed our carefree and forgetful habits, transformed us into prim and proper pupil. That has made us stand out of the rest.

Now I say with pride, I am really lucky to have concerned and caring parents and teachers.

The school has always provided us with a fair and healthy competitive environment in every field, be that sports, academics or extracurricular activities, and has always encouraged us to do our best and to strive for perfection in anything we do. The school has always appreciated me in each and every of my achievements. All these have been really motivating factors.

Like me, every student has a reputation which they made for themselves, they have a recognition, and they have a fair chance in every opportunity that comes our way. The school has prepared us to face all the cut throat challenges life has in store for us.

Keeping in mind my qualities and capabilities, the school made me the Deputy Head Boy in the O Levels.

I got an excellent set of results in the O levels, which included a distinction.

Like all my achievements, the school duly appreciated my achievement, and awarded 100% scholarship to me in the A levels.

The school is like a second home, to me, and to all my friends. I did not even think about leaving the school in the A levels. And so I came back here for A levels. That was a decision I cherish every moment.

In the A levels, I was sent to the National Science Talent Competition, by the school. There, I made it to the top 50, out of thousands of high achievers from institutions across Pakistan. I was proud to represent our institution there.

This year I became the Head Boy of our School.

They say, “The journey of a thousand miles, begins with the first step.” St. Michael’s provided me with the first step which will lead me to my future journey in the professional field.

Finally, I would like to use this opportunity to thank my parents, all my teachers, and our institution, for making me what I am today. I would especially like to thank our Principal Mr. Peter Misquita, and our Deputy Principal Mrs. Seema Nayier, thank you so much for everything you have done for us and our institution. Without you our institution wouldn’t be where it is today.

Thank you everyone for your time.

Ahmer Jamil Khan


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