The Tsunami of Change

Before I begin writing this article, I must clarify, that the article below was not meant to offend anyone; I respect each and every individual’s right to have their own opinion, and their freedom of expression and association. The article also contains quoted statements and remarks of other individuals, whose opinions I neither endorse nor denounce.

In troubled times, the fearful and naïve are always drawn to charismatic radicals.

In troubled times,the fearful and naive are always drawn to charismatic radicals
In troubled times, the fearful and naïve are always drawn to charismatic radicals.

This strong, wise saying has stood the test many a times. People are, in difficult times, in a dire need of change: yes, just change, not giving though to the type and consequences and repercussions of such a change; the more radicals the change seems, the more attractive it is.

Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Lenin and Barrack Hussein Obama all called out change to come to power, and indeed those were difficult times for those nations; I wouldn’t go on with history lessons here.

I’d rather talk about the “Tsunami of Change” that the PTI called out for when they were contesting the 2013 General Elections, the elections which brought them to power in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The PTI made tall claims to end corruption and terrorism in Pakistan: now of course the party may have come up with excellent excuse for the failure. Let’s look into these in more details.

Let’s be honest, PTI is not the liberal, vibrant, all-embracing party that many believe it to be and what it partially portrays itself to be. It is a fundamentalist party, or rather a confused fundamentalist party, who favor talks with the Taliban, to such an extreme, that the party failed to condemn acts of terrorism which claimed the lives of its own lawmakers and ministers. Ironic, but true.

The PTI Chief Imran Khan had claimed that they would end corruption in the entire country within 19 days and terrorism within 90 days of coming to power . After coming to power in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Mr. Perwaiz Khattak, the PTI’s chief minister of the province stated that cancer of corruption would be eliminated in 30 days. The people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are yet to see this promise turn to reality. Tall claims, yet no actions.

I had earlier written about the PTI chief’s demand to the then PM-elect to either have US drone strikes stopped or shoot down the drones. This has come in as a handy excuse: the PTI claims that these drone strikes are the reasons for failure for the establishment of peace in the province, and comes as a response to terrorist activities, which claim innocent, precious human lives, and the lives of PTI ministers and law makers.

The Peshawar Carnage, other terrorist attacks which kill innocent civilians, and terrorist attacks on the Pakistani Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies, all haven’t deterred the PTI chief’s determination to conduct peace talks with the banned terrorist organizations. As I had stated earlier, I see no distinction between this act and a sheer act of treason against the state of Pakistan. His determination is so strong, that he even stated that the TTP should be allowed to open up an office, for the purpose of the talks.

The backlash again this statement was so strong, that people went on to say that Imran Khan’s house is more or less an office of the TTP, and that the PTI itself is a political wing of the TTP and, I, too stated that the PTI is the TTP’s political apologist.

When a US Drone strike killed the TTP chief Hakimullah Mehsud, a notorious cold-blooded terrorist, who proudly claimed killing thousands of innocent Pakistanis, the PTI went haywire. They, it seemed, had lost a comrade. The PTI chief Imran Khan, and the party’s leadership and government of the province went on to blame the United States for all of Pakistan’s troubles and said that they wouldn’t allow NATO supply trucks to pass through Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, even if they had to loose their government for that. The reaction of the people become even more extreme:

It now appears that the PTI may soon have to loose their government, if not because of their blockade of the supply routes, then definitely in the elections, due to angry and disillusioned Pakistanis who once had jumped into their bandwagon of “Change”. This is the beauty of democracy.

The reason for Pakistan’s problems, says PTI, is not the Taliban, or illiteracy, or power shortage, or natural resource depletion, or poor healthcare, or poverty, or lack of welfare, but the very fact that the United States is giving aid to Pakistan to overcome the above mentioned problems that the country faces. They go on to say that the War on Terror is not our war and that the Taliban, actually an amalgamation of Pakistani and foreign rebels, are considered by the PTI as our people, who are being targeted by Pakistani military who are fighting America’s war on terror. I sincerely hope the PTI leadership soon realizes that the tens of thousands of people who die in Taliban’s attacks are Pakistani and not American, and killing a human being is inhumane and barbaric regardless of the victim’s race, sex, ethnicity, nationality or cultural identity; and that a terrorist is a terrorist, whether they be Pakistani or foreign nationals.

In his speech on the anniversary of the TTP’s Karsaz Attack on Benazir Bhutto’s homecoming, the PPP chief, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari stated his party would help the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa get rid of the “tsunami” –  the PTI’s election call. It appears that all political parties are feasting on the shortcomings of the PTI government.

Another change the PTI has brought about on Twitter is that the freedom of speech is now quite restricted: “PTI Trolls” are quite famous on the social media, these are those who harass people ‘daring’ to speak out against the PTI point of view, or those who speak out on the folly and policies of the party or its fundamental ideology.

I had read the opinion of a fellow blogger, they stated that the PTI’s policies, although bold and innovative, which promotes home based small industries, and community based healthcare and education, but are actually practically impossible to implement, and if the PTI, by some miracle, achieves this, it will cement their victory in the next elections.

This however, is not in sight in the near, foreseeable future.

Whether the PTI succeeds in its stated aims and objectives is another story, but what the party has succeeded in is exposing the true face of the Taliban, increasing the hatred for the Taliban in Pakistan and for every fundamentalist politico-religious party including the PTI, and alienating many of the people who voted for them in the 2013 General Elections.


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  1. Agreed to a greater extent !! Anyone who questions PTI’s promises and slogans of change is well on spot. Undoubtedly PTI has been unable to do even fraction of qhat they claimed. And well said that PTI has put them is such an awkward situation that they condemn terrorism incidents but not terrorists rather glorify them to some extent and most ridiculous development is Munawaar Hassan’s absurd statement stating HakimUllah Shaheed. This is absolutely Insane rather coward act that might infuraite families of terrorism victims. TTP has become deadly force and we cant turn a blind eye to them in name of Dialogue. Even If dialogue has to happen, Army has to maintain a pressure so that they might know the effects of otherwise.
    Unfortunately our political leadership is “Confused mass of Protoplasm” and same they have turned public into.
    But there is also a strong opinion that IK atlesat has an opinion most parties are just flowing with time. They say “ALMOST EVERY DECISION IS BETTER THANTO NOT DECIDE AT ALL” IT is quite easy to critize for us to any opinion but must ensure that when we criticize, we come out with a better plan. Army operation must be last option, as there are complications in that too. TTP are not all terrorists but PPL from ttibal agencies have also joined them for one reason or other so its a complicated matter and political solution must be appreciated
    This dicussion has potential to never get end. I conclude sayin now we cant afford playing in hands of TTP neither USA and Security agencies have to play vital role. Politicians are always in love with power than country. Expect nothing much of them. Last but not least #Media is to be monitored closely. Now there are well established reports of Pak Media houses’s foreiggn associations.

    1. We did have the experiment of dialogue back in 2009 after Operation Rah-e-Rast and Rah-e-Nijad. The Taliban were considerably weakened by the offensive, the peace time was used by them to regroup, reorganize and restart the offensive against Pakistan.
      The Taliban reject our democratic process, our judiciary and our constitution, and instead want the control of the nation: I see no grounds to negotiate with them on.
      Pakistan shut down NATO supply lines after the Salala Check Post incident when sworn defenders of the motherland were martyred by NATO forces. Mr. Khan wants to do the same for the death of a wanted mass murderer? Is there no distinction between the martyrdom of Pakistani soldiers and the death of Pakistan’s Enemy #1?
      Army operation is not the last option, it is the only option. When everyone must be dealt with according to law, then why those who wage war against Pakistan be requested to come to the negotiating table? Sri Lanka took over three decades to eliminate the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE), an organization which controlled half the nation with its own Army, Navy, and police force. The LTTE were the pioneers of suicide bombing, and had killed an Indian Prime Minister and a Sri Lankan President, and a long list of notable people.
      The United States fought for its integrity, Sri Lanka did, India is doing so, but why are we coward enough to kneel down before the enemy?
      Even if we decide to go to dialogue, what about justice to the victims of the Taliban’s terrorist activities and their families? Who will give them justice? It is the responsibility of the state to protect its citizens, and to put to trial and punish their killers.
      For every wrong act, there is a law, why not go accordingly?
      As far as Munawaar Hassan is concerned, he too, should be put on trial for glorifying terrorism and punished if found guilty. He just lost all the respect for himself that I generally have for people of his age.

  2. This is not the first time that the naive Pakistani Awaam have been carried away by tall promises! Or have been disappointed by the Non performance of those who made these promises. We are living in confused times…although I am not good at political analysis but I strongly feel that the only priority of our politicians is attaining power and then sticking to it! The rest are non-issues to be dealt with according to the need of the hour!

    1. It certainly wasn’t the first time, but I sincerely hope that it was the last! All in all, the PTI did manage to raise political awareness in Urban areas of Pakistan, and many more people voted: some even cast out their votes for the first time. I hope that people do not stop here, and take an active part in the democratic process. Politicians may certainly have hunger for power and no desire to work for the nation: but we are to blame here – they are OUR representatives; we choose them (or failed to choose anyone) and that’s how we give them a chance to plunder our nation! The most important part of democracy is accountability, and we the people have to hold our representatives accountable. 🙂 These are confused times, because we are confused. All we need to do is to make up our minds as to what needs to be done, and then just start doing: no confusion, only progress! 🙂

      1. This type of political awareness is still a far cry for Pakistanis… but with young, honest and dedicated people like you taking active interest in the dire affairs of our country, I hope and pray things get much better in the near future!

        1. I do know things will get better 🙂 All we need is a little more effort and dedication! 🙂
          You see, all the western countries reached the point at which they are after hundreds of years of wars in the name of religion, a few more hundred years of war on territorial gain, and two World Wars. We have a long and difficult journey ahead, and the right time to start is: NOW! 🙂

  3. Good one!! Keep it up. Let us stop operation and go for dialogue in Karachi also.

    1. Thanks! 🙂
      See, we have law for everything in our country, and we just need to act in accordance with the law, that’s all, and bring every criminal, terrorist, extortionist and land grabber before the law for a fair trial and due process.

  4. Saadullah Awan Avatar
    Saadullah Awan

    Brilliant Ahmer, very good analysis of the confused right wingers of our nation

    1. Thanks for the compliments Saad, I’m glad you liked it! I’ll be doing an analysis of the politico-religious parties soon. 🙂

  5. Nice blog. Good job ahmer 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Kamran 🙂

  6. Hafsa Imran Avatar
    Hafsa Imran

    Excellent!! VERY TRUE, 100% agree! Keep it up! 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot Hafsa 🙂

  7. Just one example where he condemned TTP. There are many but prejudice does not let people see it

    @ We are to be blamed, our politicians are our representatives … a classical myth. Read here for answer

    Confusions and questions regarding PTI’s stance on drones etc, read here

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