Talks with the Taliban? Think again!

The Right-wing political parties gained the upper hand in the May 11th 2013 General Elections in Pakistan; parties like the PML-N, PTI and JUI-F had massive popular support. The Left-wing, liberal parties like the PPP and the ANP suffered grave losses. With ‘Talks and Peace deals with the Taliban’ amongst their top agendas, these winning Right-wing parties were adamant on putting an end to Pakistan’s War on Terrorism: actually a War for wrestling control from the Taliban and establishing the writ and sovereignty of Pakistan on its North-Western territories.

The Afghan Taliban armed to the teeth with lethal weaponsTo the dismay of these political and politico-religious parties, the Taliban withdrew the peace offer after its second-in-command Waliur Rehman was killed by a US drone strike on Pakistani territory on 30th May 2013. Soon after the attack, Imran Khan, chief of the PTI, was seen on news channels telling the then MNA-elect Nawaz Shareef, now the Prime Minister of Pakistan, to either stop the drone strikes or shoot the drones down.

On 29th May 2013 a petition was filed in the Supreme Court of Pakistan, which sought a declaration by the Supreme Court against negotiations by any person, civilian or military, with a forbidden private army waging war against Pakistan.

The petition was filed by Mr. Shahid Orakzai under the Supreme Court’s original jurisdiction on the enforcement of fundamental rights, asked how could the armed forces propose a truce/ceasefire/end of hostilities to the rebels on the territory of Pakistan? The petitioner also asked whether a citizen was empowered by the constitution to negotiate peace with a private army waging war on Pakistan. However the Supreme Court Registrar Office had returned his petition by raising objections that he had no locus standi to file the petition.

Article 256 Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan forbids and outlaws any private army within the territory of Pakistan:

256. Private armies forbidden.
No private organization capable of functioning as a military organization shall be formed, and any such organization shall be illegal.

The Taliban are a private army/rebel group, waging war against Pakistan since the beginning of the 21st Century, on Pakistani territory. They have killed and slaughtered over 50,000 Pakistani men, women, children, politicians and leaders, police officers and army officers; they have slain many social workers especially those working for the eradication of the Polio virus. The Taliban out rightly reject the democratic system of Pakistan, its legal system, sovereignty of the Parliament over the territories of Pakistan.

Regarding the activities of some politico-religious groups which support the Taliban and/or peace talks with them, Article 5 of the constitution of Pakistan clearly states the following:

5. Loyalty to State and obedience to Constitution and law.

  1. Loyalty to the State is the basic duty of every citizen.
  2. Obedience to the Constitution and law is the inviolable obligation of every citizen wherever he may be and of every other person for the time being within Pakistan.

Afthermath of a Taliban attack, sudide bombingUnder the provisions of Article 5 of the constitution, would it not be that, according to the constitution of Pakistan, any Pakistani keeping contacts with, communication with, aiding or abetting the rebels waging war against Pakistan, would be committing acts treason? Leaders of our winning political parties, Nawaz Shareef of PML-N, Imran Khan of PTI, Fazal-ur-Rehman of JUI-F, all have been in contact with the Taliban, our media who receive calls of Taliban’s spokesperson Ehsanullah Ehsan when he calls to proudly claim responsibility of terrorist activities his organization carries out, Imams of mosques in rural and urban areas of Pakistan who openly sympathize with these terrorists, are they all not guilty of treason? I do not intend to accuse anyone; interpretation of the Constitution is the responsibility of the Supreme Court, which recently failed to take up the above mentioned petition.

In the video below you can see what the Taliban does in the areas it controls. The video below shows extremely violent acts committed by the Taliban (decapitating humans), NOT suitable for children, those with a weak heart and certainly NOT for those who do not wish to watch it. Be advised.

UPDATE: The copy of this video hosted on Vimeo, earlier embedded here, was removed by Vimeo staff because “it depicts extreme violence”, The video has been replaced by the same copy hosted on this server.


10 responses to “Talks with the Taliban? Think again!”

  1. We should not support Taliban actions, but we should also not allow America to kill them here in our land, we should do it on our own if so necessary.

    Allowing America to do so is like changing minds of our own people that someone other than Taliban are our enemies as due to drones several innocent Pakistanis die.

    As far as talks are concerned it should be done for the border areas of Pakistan-Afghanistan but not for the territory of Pakistan. Consider example of Sawat, now it is under control of our Army, previously Talibans have almost occupied it, correct me if I am wrong here…

    So, in my opinion stop helping America as this is not our war… Talibans cant penetrate America, so they simply penetrate friends of America that is Pakistan…

    Leave Americans friendship and get out of this war element, in my opinion it is the easiest way to end this terrorism at least here in Pakistan.

    1. I completely agree with you on the issue of drone strikes within Pakistan: it is a severe breach of the sovereignty of Pakistan. However the Taliban are an enemy of Pakistan: as I wrote above, they have killed over 50,000 innocent Pakistanis. They are a real threat from within Pakistan and must be dealt with promptly.

      The situation is more like two serial killers: one is hiding inside your house and the other one in your neighbour’s house, which one do you deal with first?

      1. Off course the one that is inside our house, we did it in the past if we take example of Sawat. So use our Army for such cleaning processes, instead of using American Drones…

        And take action not only against Taliban but also against all parties who have militant wings here in Pakistan.

        We can create a simple plan to get out of this terrorism.

        1- Stop supporting American war
        2- Tighten Security on our Afghan / Indian Borders, so no one can come inside
        3- Start cleaning problem locations

        Is not this plan very simple? Or am I missing something?

        1. You have a strong point there. You see, back in 2001 when Pakistan entered into War on Terror, it was indeed, America’s war; but now times have changed. The Taliban are more a threat to Pakistan and Pakistanis than to the United States.

          You’re absolutely correct about the militant wings of ‘political parties’; they are no better than terrorists, and must be dealt with in a similar fashion.

          The plan is quite simple enough in theory, but it took almost 4 decades for Sri Lanka to defeat the Tamil Tigers.
          This is not just a war with weapons, it’s an ideological war. The Army may kill a hundred Taliban fighters, thousands more are being prepared, trained, brainwashed and armed in the madrasahs all over Pakistan, not just the Federally Administered Tribal Areas.

          1. Hmmm… you are right, its not that easy, neither its that difficult. Are we really willing to stop all this is my question? I dont think so…

            I am not interested in killings of people, how about surrendering or leaving this country?

            As far as Madaris are concerned, we should use Aalims to clarify to general public that this type of jihad is not allowed at all, infact it is HARAM…

            So, if you really want to quit this all, I dont think you need more than couple of years, provided you have taken this issue to your top priority list…

          2. This has to be tackled at many fronts, using the military, combating the terrorists and illiteracy, using schools and aalims to educate and raise awareness and keeping a check on the influx and funding of terrorists. Pakistan has suffered a lot at the hands of these terrorists, this has to end, and end soon.

  2. Correct… Who can do this? A great leader with a will…

    1. Every person has the power to bring about a change. The leader might be within us! 🙂

      1. Lets plan for the change then…

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