The beautiful end to a wonderful beginning!

SM-MUN-300x1501The 1st SM-MUN finally came to a beautiful end! It was really amazing to see our hard work and efforts shine so beautifully! To our volunteers and all our delegates, I am really indebted to you all! I am really thankful to Owais, Mr. Lobo, Mrs. Naiyer and Mr. Misquita for all their support and encouragement.

As I had said in the opening speech on the first day:

“SM-MUN is all yours; make it or break it, but do your best!”

I am really pleased that you all did your best and made our first MUN the best it could be!

Heartiest congratulations to all the delegates who won the awards and a big encouraging pat to those who didn’t make it to the podium; there’s always a next time! All our chairs were awesome, especially Owais, who was voted as the best. In the end, I’d say a big thank you to our General Secretary Bilal, we did it pal!

At this moment, who could be happier than the President of this event, yours truly! I must say, I am probably the happiest person on the face of this Earth!

The last note: expect more awesome events this year!
Hoping to see an even better MUN next year!

Ahmer Jamil Khan
President of St. Michael’s Model United Nations
Head Boy of St. Michael’s Convent School


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