St. Michael’s Model United Nations 2014

So yeah, the three day adventure is now over! SM-MUN III came to a fabulous end on Sunday evening.

Most of you know about my special attachment to SM-MUN: I started it two years ago and was its founding President, and was Honored by the school by being appointed the President again this year when SM-MUN went external. The Senate of Pakistan happened for the very first time in an MUN, ever, at SM-MUN this year.

Why did I choose the Senate as a specialized committee for SM-MUN? I wanted all the participants to learn about how laws are made in Pakistan. I wanted to spread political awareness, I wished to educate them all on how this country runs.

Honestly, I had a great time at SM-MUN. I couldn’t have a better person to chair besides me than Waleed, and I mean it. Our ACDs Danish and Arooba, were both really wonderful, and we got some really great help from Jazib and Sarosh. A very special thanks to Sarosh for designing the Party flags for us. I’d also like to acknowledge the volunteers and photographers who were part of our committee, and made our experience just the way it was. I’m really sorry if I couldn’t acknowledge you by mentioning your name directly, the reason being I do not wish to list the names of everyone for the fear of missing out someone.

The entire Senate of Pakistan deserves a shout out for being the best committee in SM-MUN!

Heartiest congratulations to those who won an award:

Umer Kazi, Marvi Ali, Rida Sheikh and Ayla Saeed for winning the Best Delegate award;
Laiba, Anas, Elia, Zain-ul-Abideen and Taha Waqar for securing the Honorary Mentions;
Durran, Usama Hameed and Faiza for the receiving the Special Mentions; and
Hina for the Best Position Paper award.

Now a little on how the awards were decided. Waleed and I took the long and hard decision along with Danish, Arooba and Jazib, and in the presence of Sarosh and two volunteers who had spent the most time in our committee.

I had to fight long and hard with Haris to increase the Best Delegate awards from 2 to 3 and then 4.  We took into consideration the performance of the participants during all the three days, with equal importance given to their performance in the Moderated and Un-moderated Caucuses, the Speakers List and the Diplomacy shown outside the Committee Sessions with Special importance given to their performance in the Crisis. We took our decision in a very transparent and democratic manner, taking into account inputs from everyone member of the dias to eliminate any form of bias or unfairness.

In the end, I’d just say that SM-MUN III was a remarkable experience and would always be treasured piece of memory.

Ahmer Jamil Khan
Chairman of the Senate
President SM-MUN III

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CBMUN 2013

Logo of CBMUNCBMUN was held from 8th to 10th February 2013. The event was organized by the Literary and Public Speaking Society (LPSS) of the Institute of Business Management (IoBM).

Logo of DISEC at CBMUN 2013It was my honor and privilege to be the Assistant Committee Director of the First Committee of the General Assembly, DISEC, at CBMUN! Those three days were among the most treasured times of my life. I would like to thank all the members of the secretariat, the organizing committee and the LPSS for their hard work and efforts in bringing this fabulous event to life. It was a treasured memory to be with all the delegates. Here, I’d like to once again congratulate the delegates of Israel, Argentina and China on winning the best delegate awards and the delegates of Mauritania, Russia and Mexico on winning their honorary mentions; it was a well deserved victory for them! I’d like to give a special thanks to our Committee Director Hassaan Zafar, our Co Committee Director Zehra Qureshi and our ACD Sana Ameen Jan for making these three days really great for me!

On a final note, I wish all my delegates the very best of luck in any and every endurance of their lives, and success be theirs!

Ahmer Jamil Khan
CBMUN 2013

P.S. Here is the resolution our committee passed with a 2/3 majority:

Resolution – DISEC.pdf
Download – File size: 429 KB – Format: PDF


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The ZABMUN 2012 experience

ZABMUNZABMUN is a Model United Nations (MUN) organized by the Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST) annually. Our school participated in this year’s conference ZABMUN 2012. The participants, most of whom were winners of SM-MUN, were quite eager to participate in the event. The participants included Sahir Arif Khan, Syed Imran Bokhari, Asfia Khan, Mashaal Ghaffar, Rida Tafveez, Imraha Farooq, Palwasha Ghaffar, Muhammad Daniyal Musharraf, Syed Daniyal Ali, Jazaib Haider Naqvi, Syed Wasif Bukhari, Hussain Fakharuddin, Muhamaad Umer Javaid, Abdul Rehman, Eshal Waris, Abbas Asad, Murtaza Sarosh Rizvi and me.

Thursday 8th November 2012; Day 1 of ZABMUN: We all arrived in school dressed up, and eager to be a part of ZABMUN. The school van took us to Carlton hotel, and we waited in the lobby for the registrations to open. By 9:30 AM the registration desk had opened and we collected our id cards and other delegation accessories from the desk and were seated in the Ball Room for the grand opening ceremony. This year ZABMUN 2012 organizing team had not announced the schedule; it was distributed along with the delegation accessories. After the opening ceremony, we all had lunch at Carlton, and then met our fellow delegates and lobbied for the issues at hand. The lobbying primarily was focused at setting the agendas of the committee the next day. Soon afterwards we all left.

Friday 9th November 2012; Day 2 of ZABMUN: This day too, we all left from the school via the van; although it was a public holiday, the school managed to drop us at the venue. At Carlton Hotel, the sessions began a little later than expected due to the confusion about the committee rooms. By the end of the first session, a fire had broken out in Carlton, and we were asked to evacuate the hotel with immediate effect. The evacuation was done quickly; we ran down the stairs with thick dark chocking smoke around us; the power had gone out too. Midst that confusion, Mashaal gathered all the students and stayed with them, and I went to look for those who were not with us, and managed to round them all up. Then did we notice the thick off-white flames coming from the top floor of the hotel. Some time later the Fire Brigade arrived to tackle the flames. We stayed together for some time, and it was announced that the break had been extended by an hour. Later the session resumed after an even extended break, they had sprayed a lot of room freshener all over the hotel, yet the whole place still had the pungent smoky smell. The ending time had been extended too, after that we all went home.

Saturday 10th November 2012; Day 3 of ZABMUN: The day went by smoothly, with nothing extraordinary of the sort. We all had debated hard in the first session of the day, and had an exceptionally short break, and then the second session went well too.

Sunday 11th November 2012; Day 4 of ZABMUN: The last session of ZABMUN was in the first half of the day, and had crises coming up in most committees, and the session’s duration was extended longer than planned. After the event’s debates were over by 1:00 PM, we all gathered in the lobby for lunch. The organizers decided to start the Closing Ceremony earlier than planned, and some of us had to go to the Ceremony without lunch. The closing ceremony was a really adrenaline boosted one for most of the participants. Our school won two Best Delegate Awards, conferred upon Abdul Rehman and Muhammad Daniyal Musharraf; and an Honorary Mention, conferred upon Jazaib Haider Naqvi.

The over all experience was a great one, in which we learned many new things to carry on all along our lives.

Ahmer Jamil Khan