Happy Mother’s Day

This video is made for and dedicated to my mom; undoubtedly the best mother in the whole wide world! I really love you a lot! I know you love me more than anything else in the world! I always pray and wish for the best for you and would do anything for you; just like you do for me! You mean the world to me mummy! 🙂

Thank you mama for making me what I am today! You have been a constant companion, a friend and the best teacher I ever had and would ever have! Your constant motivation and your guidance has made me what I am today! Thank you for everything! You’re the best maa ever! 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day aami jaan 🙂


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  1. As a mother n grandmother I firmly beleive that love and apreciation for Mothers shld be expressed each and every day of our lives… thay have been there was us always and we shld reciprocate in the same way!

  2. I know 🙂 I try that each day, but I know I can never reciprocate the love my mother has for me 🙂

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