Tribute to Bishop Emeritus Anthony Lobo

Bishop Anthony Lobo

The Founder Principal of St. Michael’s Convent School Bishop Emeritus Anthony Lobo passed away in the early hours of February 18th, 2013. The Bishop was not only the Founder of St. Michael’s Convent School, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Karachi and in Pakistan, but a key figure in the educational development of Pakistan.

Bishop Lobo made important contributions to education in the country. He was Principal of St. Lawrence’s Boys School, Karachi and later of Saint Patrick’s High School, Karachi.

In November 1986 he founded St. Michael’s Convent School, and served as its Founder Principal.

He was the author of many books on education. In recognition of his services to the cause of literature and education, the then President of Pakistan Ghulam Ishaq Khan conferred on him the President’s “Pride of Performance ” Award in 1990.

The Bishop also served at many other positions, nationally and internationally, serving the cause of education and inter-religious dialogue and peace.

His death is a great loss, not just to the cause of education in Pakistan, but for the people of Pakistan and the world.


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