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Time is a Great Teacher, but does it Kill its Pupil?

Time is indeed a great teacher. It has taught many lessons, great and small, to all its eagerly learning pupil. History teaches us many lessons from notable examples, on a great personality’s vision or inspiration or a great tyrant’s mistakes. All these stories have something for us, a lesson or a moral.

All those great people in history were born just as innocent and naïve as any other baby anywhere in the world. They made mistakes and learned from their own and the mistakes of those before them. These lessons that they learnt over time, made them stand out of the masses of millions who lived in their times.

But no one lives forever, and so is with all great personalities. Everyone dies when their time here ends, leaving only their legacy and marks in books of history behind.

Everyone comes in the world and lives their lives and then die. But only those who did something of great importance in the world are remembered. Everyone here, I am sure, knows Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Alfred Noble, Galileo Galilee, Leonardo da Vinci, the Wright Brothers, and many other great personalities who excelled at what they did, but could anyone here name any other person who lived in their times in the same neighborhood, or in the same city as of any on these?

Well, I don’t think so. So, you see my friends, time doesn’t kill its pupil. Its pupil, stay engraved in the pages of history, as those who molded and shaped the world or its future. Mahatma Gandhi is credited for leading the Indian independence movement and Muhammad Ali Jinnah is credited for creating Pakistan. Edison for creating the light bulb, Einstein, Newton, Galileo and Noble for their brilliance and excellence in their fields of work and setting the principals of sciences, da Vinci for his famous paintings and visionary ideas and the Wright brothers for making the first aircraft.

These personalities were pupil of time; they learned over time and then did what made them stand out of the masses in their limited time on Earth, so that when they left the world, they still live on in our memories and the memories of generations to come.

So my friends, time doesn’t kill its pupil, it keeps them alive forever in the hearts of the masses and the pages of history.

Ahmer Jamil Khan

Blog Tribute

An Incomplete Dream

Muhammad Ali JinnahWe, here in Pakistan, live in an incomplete dream; the incomplete dream of a great man who passes away 64 years ago today (11th Sept. 2012)… Yes, this nation is the dream and vision of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founding father of this great nation.

Living in this incomplete dream, we criticize this country, blame others for its pitiful condition and live with a desire to forsake our motherland.

It is our responsibility, our duty to fulfil that dream, and build upon it with dreams of our own. This country is our home, and we are its custodians, guardians, its keepers.

I had made a promise to myself that I will do whatever it takes to make this nation great, make it proud of me a d make the world proud of my country.
I wish every Pakistani makes a similar pledge to themselves and work together, hand in hand, to lift this nation from the quicksand of hatred, injustice and fear and build it upon the rock sold foundations of love, justice and equality.

This nation has given us a lot, an identity, a place to call home and much, much more than that. Lets see what we can do to repay this great debt.

This post is a tribute to the great founding father of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.