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St. Michael’s Inter School Science Competition 2013

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St. Michael’s Inter School Science Competition 2013

On 12th March 2013, St. Michael’s Convent School held its 2nd Annual St. Michael’s Inter School Science Competition.. This competition was started last year by Mr. Javed Khan, our A Levels Biology teacher. This event aims to create an awareness and interest in the A Levels Biology students about the latest research and development in the fields of medicine and biotechnology. It is indeed a perfect example of learning outside the boundaries of the class room.

The event started off a little later than planned; the opening ceremony featured the National Anthem and our School Song, followed by a recitation of the Holy Qur’an and a reading from the Holy Bible. This was followed by speeches by our Deputy Principal Mrs. Seema Naiyer and Mr. Javed Khan. This was followed by a toss to determine the order of the two rounds. The distinguished judges of the event were: Dr. Manzoor Ali Memon, Dr. Ruhina Hassan and Dr. Nisar Ali Shah.

This year, 4 teams competed in two rounds: Beaconhouse Team Proposition competed against St. Michael’s Team Opposition in the first round, and for the second round, St. Michael’s Team Proposition went against Beaconhouse Team Opposition.

The competition started off with a presentation by the first team, Beaconhouse Team Proposition, followed by a presentation by St. Michael’s Team Opposition which concluded round one of the day. After the short break, we, St. Michael’s Team Proposition opened round two, and were followed by Beaconhouse Team Opposition,

At the end of the day, after a critique over the debates and presentations by Dr. Nisar Ali Shah, the results were announced; they were as following:

  • In the first round: Beaconhouse Team Proposition beat St. Michael’s Team Opposition; and
  • In the second round: St. Michael’s Team Proposition beat Beaconhouse Team Opposition.

The results were announced in the closing ceremony, by Mr. Kevin Lobo, and the shields and medals were awarded to the participants by our respected judges.

Being one of the organizers of the event, and the leading member of the winning team: St. Michael’s Team Proposition, and lifting the trophy while wearing the gold medal at the end of the phenomenal event; I must say, it was a really proud and eventful day for me.

I would especially like to thank our Principal Mr. Peter Misquita, our Deputy Principal Mrs. Seema Naiyer Mr. Javed Khan, Mr. Kevin Lobo, Mr. Irfan Sheikh, our respected judges and the students who helped us all along to make this event a huge success. Last, but not the least, I would like to commend the efforts of all the participants; their efforts were instrumental in this phenomenal success.

Ahmer Jamil Khan


So it’s a new year!

Happy New Year 2013
May this year be a prosperous and joyous, taking you to heights never before achieved!
Wishing you and your family a very happy new year!

Coming out of the Driving License Office after getting my Learner’s Driving License, I saw a News headline: “New Zealand celebrates the New Year” I checked the time, the clock had just struck 4:00 PM, today is 31st December 2012. Some hours later, the breaking news on TV was: “The last sunset of 2012 has occurred in Pakistan” and the sun setting over the Karachi beach was shown on the screen.

A few minutes before the strike of midnight. Messages start pouring in, wishing a happy, prosperous new year, with blessings. I take some time out and make up a message, wishing those near and dear to me.

8 hours later, at the strike of midnight (Pakistan Standard Time) the silence of the night is ripped apart by rattling gunfire; people celebrate the beginning of a new year. I make up a post in my personal diary titled: “Resolution #1 of 2013”. The diary logs date and time: It is 12:01 AM, 1st January 2013. A little while later I started checking my Facebook news feeds; people were wishing each other at the beginning of the new year. I had copied the message I had written as my social networking status’ message, Facebook included; Abbas Asad had copied that message and posted it as his own.

I have had a bath an hour ago, now it pops up in my mind that the last time I took a bath, that was so last year! Just as this thought popped in my head, I came across a friend’s status that said something like this:

I ordered a pizza at 5 minutes to midnight, and when it arrived I told the delivery person, “I ordered it so last year! Now do you expect a tip or something on it?”

So how could this be, the thought bothered me, that something that happened 5 minutes earlier was “so last year”?

The answer: the date changes at midnight, and a second after 11:59:59 PM on 31st December, the year changes, when the Gregorian calendar restarts its cycle; much like the Islamic calendar starts a second cycle after the last day of the last cycle and same is the case with the now famous Mayan calendar (due to the failed prediction of the end of world in 2012), the 14th b’ak’tun stated after then end of the 13th (the b’ak’tun is a roughly 5,125 years of the Gregorian calendar!)


May this year be a prosperous and joyous, taking you to heights never before achieved!
Wishing you and your family a very happy new year!
With lots of love!
-Ahmer Jamil Khan