Positions held

Deputy Head Boy of St. Michael’s Convent School

Deputy Head of the 24th Student Council (2010 – 2011)

Project Manager of Project Eco Buddies

Project Manager • Organized the non-profit project in collaboration with FESF, the WWF and the Education and Litracy Department, Government of Sindh.

Director of St. Michael’s Debate Championship 2012

Founding Director • Member of Founding Directorate Initiated and organized the event

Head Boy of St. Michael’s Convent School

Head of the 26th Student Council (2012-2013)

President of St. Michael’s Model United Nations 2012

Founding President • Head of the Founding Secretariat Initiated and organized the event

Director of St. Michael’s Debate Championship 2013

Head of the Board of Directors Organized the event

ACD of DISEC at CBMUN 2013

Assistant Committee Director of Disarmament and International Security (1st) Committee Member of the Secretariat

Director Registrations of KYMUN 2013

Director Registrations Member of the Directorate
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